Savasana Pendant


*Pendant available in Sterling silver and 14k Gold (call or e-mail for pricing options) and with the addition of diamonds. 

Asana Jewelry is a line created by Jes Designs Jewelry. After falling in love with Bikram Yoga, Jes realized that by changing your mind, body and spirit, you greatly impact the space around you just as much as ones physical self. Using the negative space your body creates while in the postures we have created a line of jewelry that has a lot of significance to those wearing it. Choose from our collection, or have one made for you from your own posture.

I was practicing Bikram and as I focused on myself in the mirror my attention went to the shapes that my body was creating in the negative space… relating to how practicing yoga in has impacted every space in my life.


Each pendant is made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery (Rush options available).

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